Does the Body and Brain Recover from Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

For someone who knows how to distance himself from alcohol and drugs, it can be a puzzle how addiction happens. But the truth is addiction, whether it involves alcohol or drugs, takes more to overcome than simple will power. The readiness to seek help is important, but one who has fallen deep in alcohol and drugs requires more than that. In which case, the effective practices and methods used in rehab centres can make a difference. It can be an abuser’s first step to recovery.

How an individual is affected by alcohol and drugs?

The effects of alcohol and drugs to both the body and the brain are truly devastating. This is something that some people have to live with. And it can be really difficult to see a loved one suffer as much as they do.

In addition to the physical implications of these substances affecting the organs in the body, the emotional and mental implications can also be unbearable to witness. With alcohol, the liver is not the only part of the body that can suffer. The brain can be subjected to damages as well, especially with prolonged liver dysfunction.

It can, as a matter of fact, cause hepatic encephalopathy or a brain disorder than can be life threatening at the same time. It is characterized by changing mood and personality and sleep patterns. It also often leads to anxiety and depression. Moreover, it has serious effects on a person’s cognitive skills. In which case, the abuser starts having problems keeping focused as his attention span becomes shorter and his coordination skills become compromised as well.

Drugs on the other hand, attack the brain with its chemical substance content which directly affects the chemistry of the brain. Various substances affect the brain’s chemistry differently. Cocaine for instance, causes a direct attack to the dopamine receptors. Dopamine is not only responsible for pleasurable feelings. It also controls motivation, emotion and body movements.

A cocaine user is then likely to suffer from loss of memory. His learning capability is also compromised and he becomes high risk to heart attack and stroke. With prolonged usage of cocaine and other drugs, the brain can suffer from irreversible damages. And for this reason, there is a great need for the help that can be provided by a rehab centre.

Dealing with addiction whether it involves alcohol or drugs is a difficult matter not just for the abuser himself but for people around him who deeply cares for him. Often however, it is quite challenging to understand what is truly going on with the abuser. And that is why reaching out a helping hand can be difficult. People are often clueless about what kind of help will do good and which may bring more harm.

Facilities such as rehab centres are meant to help people out with alcohol and drug dependency. Their programs are carefully put to place to address the issues of addiction enabling the individual to once again find independence and freedom from these substances. The aim of this facility is to treat not just the addiction itself but the underlying issues that may have pushed the abuser towards this kind of behavior.

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